Quitting is a Habit

A friend recently forwarded along an article from David Kaiser about the 5 reasons why quitting is a habit and I had to file this under “must post.”

David was an officer in charge of the Navy and Marine Corps SERE Program and when a group of behavioral psychologists did a study about the difference between victims and survivors, good athletes and champions…this is what they found:

1.  Lack of reality.

When people are faced with an unexpected or significant challenge, they’re surprised, overwhelmed, and ill prepared to rise to the occasion. They don’t believe it is happening to them and become paralyzed. Lack of action or delayed action by them results in failure.

2.  Lack of confidence.

Some people have a tendency to reach out for help as soon as they’re faced with a challenge. The problem is, the more reliant you are on others, the less reliant you are on yourself.

3.  Afraid to lose or resignation.

Some people give up before they even start. Their rationale is “Why make the effort when the odds of winning are stacked against me anyway?”  

4.  Lack of will.

Some people don’t have the stomach to face adversity. They’ve given up so many times in life that they accept defeat without making an effort.

5.  Fear of accountability.

Some folks leave their future to fate. They reason, “If there’s nothing I can do to change the outcome, why even try?”


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