Are you a stone-cold-killer?

I was having lunch with a friend of mine, Mike DeMarco, a real estate mogul, and he was telling me about the fact that the 10,000th day that you’re alive on this turns out to be right around when you’re 27 years old.

When he reached it (years ago), he had some kind of an epiphany. He figured he’s probably in the first intermission of his life on earth (that’s a hockey reference by the way) and the sheer size of the number made a huge impact. 

Here’s what he said: “Imagine how smart I will be if I learn at least two things everyday for the next 10,000 days!”

I had never thought about that- living 10,000 of anything! So if you could learn even just one thing everyday over a lifetime, the results could be incredible!

So that’s what Mike did, and recently, he told me, “I’m 55 and now I’m certain that I’m a stone-cold-killer. I made a decision that no matter what there would be absolutely nothing that I could not handle. And look at me now.”

I think sometimes we short ourselves on how much time we have and the potential we have to get things done. When I ask you how old you are, you’ll never say 10,000 days, you’ll say 27 years, but simply flipping the script can change everything.

How many stone cold killers do you know? They are the people who know how to handle every situation because they know they have the time to learn, attack a situation and get something done.

The next time someone asks how old you are, tell him or her the amount of days, not the years. See the potential in yourself.

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