Achieving the Underdog Mentality

Maybe you’re in a place in your career and in your life where you could sit back and think, “Wow, I’ve taken this as far as I could have ever expected.” But, does that mean you can’t keep going?

Regardless of what level you think you have achieved, you can still do more. You can still participate…remember, life is not a spectator sport. Your age, what others may think and any other factor that you think is stopping you shouldn’t stop you.

In fact, that’s the perfect role to be in. No one expects you to succeed. There’s no pressure hanging over your head. The underdog role is the desired role.

While having the personality and mindset of an underdog is important for success, the other side of things is that you need to feel like you are the favorite. You need to have the confidence in your soul that you can do anything. Your soul has to be the rock; it has to be the fire that tells you, “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

That mindset will give you the empowerment to do anything you want, particularly things that other people don’t think you can do. 

Maybe you thought you already written that last chapter in your career? Or, you just don’t know where to turn next.

But, why call it quits? Why settle? The paint isn’t dry. Take your hands off CTRL ALT DELETE and instead of restarting, just do something bigger. Do something better. Who cares what others think? Stop being a spectator. Go back and participate.

Just because you have gotten further than you ever thought you could get does not mean you are done. You still have, and have always had, the power to will things to be.


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