The Little Things Will Help You Survive an Avalanche…Really.

Unfortunately, they ended up not surviving. When rescue crews found their remains, they also found the tracks of snow through which the skiers were digging. They discovered that the skiers were buried only a foot from the surface of the snow, but they tried to dig themselves out in the wrong direction.

What they didn’t do was spit. A little gravity would kick in and they would know which way they were going. All they had to do was do something that would help them re-orient themselves in their environment, and that’s about as easy a thing as could have been done.

What’s my point? It’s that more often than not, the little things are right in front of you. We try to think so hard about how to find solutions to different problems that we don’t realize all we have to do is look right in front of us. We get so worked up with trying to do things right that we can run ourselves into a situation where we don’t get anything done.


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