Reacting to Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th Hit

Alex Rodriguez put things in perspective last night at a postgame press conference when he said that a year ago, "I didn't know this day would come."

While it's been one thing to see him suit up again after a year away from the game, I think A-Rod's performance this season and the subsequent acceptance by the majority of Yankees Universe has come as the biggest shock of all. I don't think an of us thought THIS would come: a home run sent into the night's sky at Yankee Stadium for his 3,000th career hit with 50,000 people cheering boisterously for him.

Alex has always been a polarizing figure in the media throughout his entire career, whether it was about PEDs or not. But now, with his head down and with as much humility as one could have in this situation, he seems to be moving down the road of forgiveness...and the flow of traffic is running smoothly.

My question to you is: what do you think of all of this? Should he be receiving the praise he is now given all that's happened in his past? What do you think will happening in about seven or so years from now...will he be taking a trip up to Cooperstown? If you had the 3,000th hit ball, would you sell it? Give the money to charity? What should Zack Hample do? And, what do you do with his records?

It's an interesting debate.

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