Kill the Behavior, Don't Kill the People

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new app that is going to help combat cyberbullying and since I feel so strongly about the topic, I have to bring it up again.

Back in the day, you used to get bullied in a schoolyard and you come home with a black eye. Your parents know what’s wrong with you when that happens and for the most part, they can comfort you in some way to help rectify the situation.

The problem today is that kids don’t come home with black eyes. Bullying happens on the devices you’re reading this blog from right now.

We don’t know the harm that kids, and adults for that matter, are causing each other because everything is happening on a screen.

How about when it comes to public figures? We don’t even realize the magnitude of everybody piling on a situation where someone has made a mistake and we are causing serious, life-threatening harm with our fingers.

Think about it…Monica Lewinsky, Brian Williams, even Britt McHenry…we’re shaming public figures in a way that is just inhumane. "It’s a blood sport that has to stop," as Monica Lewinsky says:




All of us have made mistakes. If I broadcasted the biggest mistake you made in your life all over the world, it would be humiliating, embarrassing and crushing.

We have to be more cognizant about how we deal with people online. Just because we’re not in front of someone, we have to have some empathy. Kill the behavior, don’t kill the people.


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