Turn Your Car Into Your Classroom

This is one of my favorite concepts of all-time, brought to me by my good friend Harvey Mackay.

Think about all the time you spend commuting everyday.

One hour?

Two hours?

Three hours? 

Four hours?

According to WNYC, the average commute time in the US is 25 minutes. Round-trip almost an hour. In my area- New York City- where traffic is rampant? Could be almost two hours for a lot of people each way…and that’s just to go a few miles.

The problem that creates is most people just sit there, listening to music or talk radio, or they fiddle with their phone, as dangerous and illegal as that is, and they get nothing done.

A complete waste for hours at a time, five days a week.

So what should you do? Make your important phone calls (with a hands-free device), listen to a great podcast on negotiating, learn a new language (like a Steiner Sports employee recently did) or even give someone from your office a ride that lives near you. Use this time to build relationships in some way or improve your life.

I know how downright crappy and frustrating it can feel when you get home on a Friday night and realized you spent 10 hours in the car without getting anything done.

Do something about it.

If you spend three hours a week learning something while driving somewhere within eight years you could have earned another degree.

52 weeks x 3 hours a week = 156 hours/year

156 hours/year x 8 years = 1248 hours

Isn’t that a degree?


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