How do you become a game-changer?

So I've been sitting in front of the TV watching all the March Madness games the past few weekends, and in every single one the broadcasters love to talk about “game-changers”: guys who have the skill and athleticism to, at any moment, change a game.

Pretty soon I started asking myself, “How do I become a game-changer in my game of life?”

Lose the ten pounds? Move into a new house? Renegotiate a few things with my wife? Find a new hobby outside of work?  Bring back an old hobby? New clothes? Something new with my hair – or should I shave my head?

What are your game-changers? Should you quit the job you don’t love and start doing something you’re passionate about? Stop being friends with someone who isn’t a good friend? Break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Or better yet…

Who is it that you’ve always wanted to meet and could change your life? What account could you land that would change everything?

Do you have on your desk a list of people or accounts that would be game changers for you?

Do you have a game plan for meeting those people, or landing those accounts?

Are you stuck doing “the best you can”? Or are you doing everything you can to live your best life?

Are you – at least – trying to figure out the game-changers that would get you to that life?

What is stopping you?

Take out a piece of paper and write down your game-changers, and your plan to get ahold of them.


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