You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers, But You Do Have to Have all the Right Questions

Curiosity killed the cat…actually no, curiosity makes you really smart. If you remember curious Columbo, he always had one more question.




Here is the best advice I can give to anyone out their looking to find work, a new job, new clients: ask the right questions.

Having the right questions means you know what you want and knowing what you want is the key to getting what you want…trying to find the right house, car, boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s hard when you’re young, but the key is to narrow it down.

When you’re looking for a job, you’re looking for a person. Do you like the way someone is going about his or her business? Are they reputable? Do they have success that you admire and want to learn from or work with?

It’s one thing when you’re interviewing or pitching to be ready to ask a question, but it’s another thing to ask the question that’s going to make your interviewer or potential client think, answer thoughtfully and remember you as someone that has made an impact on their decision.

Use your fan base to your advantage. If you’re in school, what do your classmates’ parents/ your parents’ friends do? What do people do for a living? If you’re in business, whom do you know? Talk to them. Ask them questions. They’re all going to be willing to help you. You just have to take it upon yourself to find out how.





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