Creating Luck By Design

So, as you're sitting there recovering from your St. Patrick's Day shenanigans, I thought I should take this opportunity to share a message about luck and winning.

However you define it, winning is possible in any economic climate.

The difference in playing to market expectations and exceeding market expectations is this: To exceed market expectations you must create luck by design.

It's not the shamrock or “green beer” kind of luck (although who doesn’t like to have some fun). The luck I am talking about is through hard work, process, and strategy.

Take the New England Patriots for example.

Tom Brady celebrates his fourth Super Bowl with the Patriots (Reuters/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Four Super Bowl championships in 14 years, and other than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, not much on that team has remained the same.

What has remained constant is the team philosophy and vision.

It hasn’t always worked out for the Patriots (keep in mind 10 out of 14 years they didn’t win), but consider the following…

  • The Patriots beat their four Super Bowl opponents by a grand total of 13 points
  • Each game was decided by 1-2 plays
  • Even as a New Yorker, it’s reasonable to think 1-2 plays during SB XLII & XLVI could have gone New England’s way

The Moral of The Story: Don’t let a small margin of victory fool you for “green beer luck”; the Patriots worked tirelessly to get themselves into that situation. In the game of life, it may seem like a “coin flip”, but in reality, all the work and preparation you put in is what gets you the luxury of being in the “big game” situations in the first place.

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