Schedule the Important Things

You always should make it a point to schedule the important things in life.

Here's a story:

I have a friend who is a marriage therapist and they where telling me a story about a couple they where helping.

My friend the therapist asked how often they where having sex and both replied, "It's been about 20 years."

"20 years?" he replied, "Why has it been so long?"

Again they answered in unison, "We have been really busy! Business, the kids, all kinds of stuff..."

And here's another story:

I was speaking to a group of college students last week and asked the group (mostly juniors and seniors) about the most important thing they where working on. They all pretty much said their internships. Then I asked them how much time they spent actually trying to land those internships. All I got in response were puzzled looks.

Here's my point: you have to schedule the hard stuff.

Don't leave things to chance.

Everybody is busy, busy, busy, or so they claim. Instead of tackling important things head-on, we tend to ignore the stuff that scares us.

Time to do the project, get that internship, do something special with your kid, and yes, even time for sex with your spouse- all of these things deserve a space on your calendar!

Important things don't just happen on their own. You have to make them happen.


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