Leading the Way

The strength of a team, a business, an organization, a group of friends or a family is dependent on individuals who are willing to face adverse situations and those who relish the opportunity to guide a group with common interests.

I have been blessed, and I mean truly blessed, with the opportunity throughout my life to build relationships with the most distinguished leaders in sports and business. Over just this past month I, with the help of Steiner Sports, have engaged in in-depth tell-alls with the likes of Derek Jeter, Eli Manning, Mark Messier and even Mark Cuban, where we specifically spoke about the importance of leadership and what it takes to be successful.

Here's what I learned:

If you talk all the time, no one's going to listen.

“If you talk all the time, no one’s gonna listen to you when you say anything. You want [people] to value what’s coming our of your mouth.” - Derek Jeter

Be prepared. Do the work. Always be learning.




Stay loose.

“In crucial moments, when guys are nervous, you gotta do something to loosen them up. Make fun of someone a little bit, give a little tweak.” -Eli Manning

Keep your eye on the competition.




There are no nights off.

"You become a winner through habit, the habit of competing no matter what the stakes are. There are no nights off. Losing is not accepted." -Mark Messier



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