5 Must-Know Sales Tips from Jeff Gitomer

Here are five things that I learned from renowned sales expert Jeff Gitomer, who came to Steiner Sports to speak yesterday. Besides his delusional view that the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl this year, he was spot-on about these five sales tools. 

So, if you want a refresh on your selling techniques this is a blog for you. If you want to go further I would pick up the Little Red Book of Selling, the number one selling sales book of all-time.


1. Think Locally, Act Personally

Don’t lie to your customers because they will see through it. When you are honest with them, they will be lining-up to buy from you.

2. You Represent Your Whole Company

When you’re talking to a customer, you represent your whole company. It’s up to YOU to determine your company’s reputation. What are you known as? What are you known for? What’s your image? What is your GOOGLE image? What is your SOCIAL image? Those 5 things equal your representation.

3. Every Customer Has to be Treated the Same – Like Gold

This has always been true, but now more than ever customers have the tremendous influence on your company and power in the way you do business. Check out this example that Jeff gave.

4. Understand “The Why?”

When making a sale, concentrate on what happens after the purchase. What is the reason why someone wants something? How are they emotionally connected to what you are selling? Your job is to find out why someone wants your product.

5. Learn from It, Then Do Something About It

You’re not going to make every sale.  Whose fault is it? Well, probably yours. But, that’s okay. Don’t blame yourself- learn from it. Get better.

BONUS: A Great Attitude Will Adjust Your Altitude

The most important skill to have is a great attitude. If you don’t have the right attitude it’s going to show. If you do have the right attitude, and then belief, you don’t need one sales technique to be successful.





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