Lessons from a Legend: Marty Lyons Speaks at Steiner Sports

Current New York Jets radio color commentator is a legend from his playing days in New York and at the University of Alabama. Even further, he’s become a superstar with his charitable work after starting the Marty Lyons Foundation in 1982. 

The foundation is dedicated to fulfill the special wishes of children chronologically aged three (3) and seventeen (17) years old, who have been diagnosed as having a terminal or life threatening illness by providing and arranging special wish requests.

Marty was one of the first big athletes to work with me during the early days of Steiner Sports. Just last week we hosted him at our offices during our fourth quarter meeting for a motivational discussion.




  • Value the time that you have. Make time.
  • If you want to be successful in life you have to make a commitment to doing something. And a commitment means take the words of a promise and make them become a reality.
  • A winner in the game of life is a person that gives of him or herself so others can grow. 
  • Time does not heal everything. It allows you to find a vehicle to cope with a loss.
  • To be successful in life it starts with you looking at yourself and asking yourself what do you want out life?
  • We can all make a difference.
  • If you don’t care about yourself life’s going to pass you buy.
  • Everything you learn is put in a toolbox that is going to advance you in life.

For more information about the Marty Lyons Foundation, visit: http://www.martylyonsfoundation.org


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