Don't Be Immune to Good Advice

Why do people seem to be immune to good advice?

It’s always the girl whose friends tell her to get rid of the guy who treats her poorly, but she goes out with the jerk, anyway. Why not go out with the "nice" guy?

Or, it’s the boss who doesn’t have the “balls” to fire the person who acts like they are doing you a favor by being there! Even if they are productive on some level, they send the wrong message to the company and need to be replaced!

Or, there’s the athlete or coach who refuses to take a few minutes to get some PR training so they don't make a fool of themselves after the game with the media.

Or, the child that cant swallow their pride and take a second to listen to their parents advice on a critical matter! They decide to run enthusiastically in the wrong direction on their own.

Then there’s the employee who isn't starving for feedback at their review. They only want to hear the good, but cringe at the stuff they really need to do for advancement.

What about the parent who says "not my child!" when a neighbor tells them they saw their 14-year-old drinking. Maybe that same parent who says, “There’s nothing wrong with my kid,” when the teacher calls them to say that, in-fact, there is. How about just a, “thank you?” Why is the teacher, the curriculum or the school always the problem?

And, there’s the company that you have an issue with. You ordered their product and something goes wrong, but they don’t have decency to return a message or call to follow-up with you complaint?

I see this stuff everywhere. At the end of the day, you may not be as good a person as you think you are. You may not run a company or manage a group of people as well as you think. You may not be the “perfect” parent.

So, when was the last time you took a step back and thought honestly about the advice that you have gotten? And, why haven’t you done anything about it?

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