8 Questions with Steve Costello, Author of "My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game"

My good friend and a member of the Steiner Sports family, Steve Costello, just released his first book, called “My Father Never Took Me to a Baseball Game.” In just a few weeks it has already topped Amazon’s Hot New Releases list in their baseball category. The book is a story about family, success, failure, life and of course, baseball. It’s raw; honest; funny; brilliant. It’s a true must-read with hilarious stories and poignant lessons from Steve’s own life. I sat down with him to discuss how the concept came about and to dig a little deeper into his story.


Brandon Steiner: Steve, congratulations. I’m so happy to see the great launch of your book thus far. First thing I have to ask: why? Why did you write this book?

Steve Costello: I wanted to tell my story; I knew that it was something that a lot of people out there could relate to. In just a few short weeks I can’t even count the amount of people–even those I’ve never met–that have told me they’ve had similar experiences growing up.

Being able to recognize the people that have been in my corner throughout my life was also important because ultimately that’s who got to me where I am now. By no means did I do this by myself.

I also wanted people to know that you could break the chain of abuse and be a good dad. My oldest daughter’s afterword is what I’m most proud of with this whole project. I was so glad that I was able to be such a positive influence on her and my family.

It’s kind of shocking to me with all the build-up it’s been getting as the number one hot new release on Amazon, as well as the top rated baseball book. I see my book next to Doris Kearns Goodwin and say, “No way!”

This was something that was actually a number of years in the making. Peter Shankman and my youngest daughter Madison were two big reasons why I was finally able to get it done. Madison and I went to get Peter’s book, Nice Companies Finish First, when we were up in Boston and she wouldn’t stop asking about when she could read my book. And actually, while I was writing the book I lost my dog, and that was huge; definitely had some influence on where the story went. With the tone of the story I didn’t want people to feel bad for me, so I also used quite a bit of humor.

BS: What type of audience did you write this book for?

SC: I wanted to emotionally connect with people and give them a good, honest read. While I was writing the book I laughed and cried. I reconnected with my Grandfather’s kind spirit even though I lost him 40 years ago. I hope this can give my readers a similar experience.

BS: Tell me why Harvey Haddix is so important to you in the book. 

SC: Actually working with you on Perfect Games products kind of spurred on a fascination.

Harvey was the only pitcher in history with 12 perfect innings- yet, he lost. I made that connection with my life; perfect at times but always a bump in the road here and there.

BS: What made Tommie Agee such a great player?

SC: I loved Tommie Agee as a kid. I never had a stronger desire to meet anyone in my life.

He was larger than life. I played a round of golf with him and I was numb. I’m so happy that I went from fan to friend. Now I help create these situations at Steiner Sports.

Harvey Haddix pitching for the Pirates.

BS: How did your dad physically and verbally abusing you affect the person you have become?

SC: It let me know he was unable to enjoy his life, or his children.  He had a bunch of misplaced anger.

I don’t have any anger. I took my grandfather’s attitude and I try my absolute best to enjoy every moment I have.

BS: Why is baseball such a special sport above all the other sports?

SC: I love baseball, and it was one of the first things I ever excelled at as a kid. In Little League, people cheered for me; I was unhittable. I would step up on the pitcher’s mound and my problems went away.

My Dad wasn’t on the field and my mom came to all my games. My grandfather would drive out from the Bronx for the weekend games. That was important for me.

BS: Give me some fun baseball facts that most people wouldn't know.


  1. Baseball players in the 50’s were sent cigarettes to the clubhouse by the tobacco companies.
  2. Don Hoak, who made the error in Harvey’s perfect game, was a boxer first. After seven straight knockouts, he switched to baseball.
  3. Johnny Logan was the Braves shortstop for Harvey’s magical game. He had actually gotten the first hit Sandy Koufax ever gave up, and when I called him to ask about his recollections of the game, he hung up on me and said it was none of my business.  He told me I wasn’t even born yet.
  4. Ty Cobb had the most Inside the Park Home Runs (46).
  5. Rod Carew is the only player that won the batting title without hitting a single home run (.318 in 1972)
  6. Pete Rose just told me last week he broke up the most no-hitters in baseball history–every time he got a leadoff hit he was breaking up a no-hitter…I never looked at it that way.

BS: What should kids do in a situation where their parent is abusive?

SC: I think today is different than when I grew up in many ways. My mom didn’t drive, and we were all scared. There are so many sources of support that people can turn to today that no one should ever feel that they can’t get out of that situation. With social media and social awareness you should be able to tell a teacher or a parent or someone without a problem.

BS: Thank you, Steve.


Pick-up a copy of Steve’s new book here on Amazon, both in Paperback and Kindle editions.

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