Let me start off by saying that I hate this new term I’ve been seeing, “Funemployed.”

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Parents- raise your hand if any of your recent college grads have posted Facebook photos with that exact title! I’ve certainly seen it and I can’t stand it.

Look, I understand that in today’s world it’s not so easy to get a job. But, no one said it was supposed to be that easy in the first place!

The word “Funemployed” tells me one thing: you’re not serious enough about your now delayed career to go out and truly pursue a job that you really want.

Grads: Maybe you truly have been putting in an insane amount of effort towards finding work, but things just haven’t panned out and you still haven’t found a job. But don’t put that photo up because, trust me, when it comes to the people trying to hire you…we notice.

For years now you’ve been hearing about all of the things social media can do to enhance your chances of landing a job. Today, having a clean, succinct and appropriate social media presence is a pre-requisite.

When you apply for a job at Steiner Sports I look at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…I'm all over it. The folks at all those other places you’ve been applying for look, too.


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