Going the Extra Mile

You need to always do the little extra things especially when your clients don't expect it!

Want to get that life changing meeting with a decision maker? Think about how you can go the "creative" extra mile.

In today’s business world, the decision makers are inundated with cold calls, warm calls, and calls they wouldn’t wish against their worst enemy. Decision makers are so worn down by this barrage that they will screen you, fake you out, lie to you, and screen you again!

When pitching business to a decision maker, it is vital that you know as many of their “pressure points,” i.e. their alma matter, hometown, favorite sports team, kids etc. Sports in particular can be a great pressure point.

It’s not hard to find out who somebody roots for as most people wear their fandom on their sleeve, but most likely their chest and/or back.

Research their social media accounts, ask your mutual acquaintances, their assistants or their business partners what teams they root for. Your open and closing rate will grow exponentially.

Want to go the extra mile? Want to score big points and get your foot in the door?

Here are some examples of how:

  • Send a bat signed by a local player with a note, "Can't wait to hit many home runs with you in the future."
  • Send the decision maker a nice case with a note that you are going to be nearby with the signed ball from their favorite athlete or kids favorite athlete with a hand written note "Can’t wait to get the ball rolling with you!"
  • Send signed by a Hall of Fame pitcher, a few days early, to the person setting up a meeting with a note saying, "Can’t wait for you to hear my pitch!"
  • Have their son or daughter’s favorite athlete leave a voicemail for them. That's simple enough to do.

Remember, You Have To GIVE Before You GET!

I’ve made a living off of capitalizing on these unique opportunities and I want you to learn how to do the same. SEND this post to a friend and COMMENT BELOW with a story of your best example of "going the extra mile." Whoever writes my five favorite stories will win signed copies of my most recent book, “You Gotta Have Balls.


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