Go Win Your Own Triple-Crown

With everybody focused on the Triple-Crown these past few weeks, I have my own view on which tri-fecta is most important.

The Triple Crown race I’m running doesn’t include three famous racetracks, but instead:

  • Diet

  • Stress Reduction

  • Increased Exercise

That’s the “Triple-Crown” we all need to be worrying about. Now, in our brains is the frontal lobe- it controls our planning, reason, judgment and impulse; our willpower.

How many times have you made a commitment- usually a New Year’s resolution – centered on something new you were going to do consistently, such as getting to the gym or changing your eating habits? How many times have you failed to uphold that? If you’re like most people: a lot.

There was a 2007 survey of over 3,000 people conducted by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, which found that 88% of all resolutions end in failure.

Why? Because that same part of your brain, the frontal lobe, also deals with stress.

When you encounter a high-level of stress your willpower is weak. Ultimately, this leads to less-disciplined behavior and you start doing all the stuff you don’t want to be doing. Your mind becomes too overloaded.

That’s why stress factors in to your health and your diet at such a high level. As I discussed with John Gray a while back, you gain weight from increased stress. “Stress is fattening,” as I like to say.

If you want to be healthy, go win your own Triple-Crown race.


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