Keep the Conversation Going - The Key to Communication

In today’s connected world, digital “communication” is the preferred method by most folks to get in touch with others. Really, though, are we actually communicating?

People now more than ever have a difficult time talking about difficult subject matter. If you want to be a disruptor and you want to shake things up as a “what else” type of person, then you have to be willing to talk with someone face-to-face, otherwise you never truly broach the heart of a serious issue.

A couple text messages when you see a family member or a friend struggling with their diet doesn’t work. An e-mail checking in on a struggling employee one morning, while it can help, is not as effective as stopping by their desk and actually talking to them. You know, one minute you could be texting a friend that’s cross-country and you haven’t seen in a while and maybe 8 hours, 8 days or 8 weeks later, you could get a response.

It’s important to keep the conversation going. With so much e-mail and texting, it’s easy to lose track of people. Nothing beats picking up the phone or talking to someone face-to-face because you’re able to truly engage in conversation with a distinct focus.

There are very few problems in business or in life that haven’t been resolved at some point. If you’re struggling with something, someone you know or work with is bound to have dealt with a similar situation before. Collaborate! There’s no harm in learning from others’ past experiences.

No situation is impossible to fix. Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard stuff and keep it going until the situation is fixed. That’s what a true relationship is all about, whether with a co-worker, a friend or your family.


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