What's Your End Game? Get Results!

There’s no reason to get into any kind of confrontation unless you have a clear path about what you want. You have to decide: what's your end-game?

It’s amazing that sometimes I’ll argue with somebody about something and I’ll ask them, "what would you want that would make you happy?" and they don’t even know!

I think one of the key parts of negotiating, or if you're  in a confrontation, is that I want to know what I want.

Its also important to know the difference between getting it right vs being right!

I don’t want to be right as much as I want to get it right.

So, before your next confrontation with someone ask yourself this: “If I have my way, what would the end result be like?”

Everyday I ask myself, “What else?” How can I go further? How can I add value, differentiate and be a market disruptor? The way to have a more productive life and to add value both at work and at home, is by paying attention to details. My success as an entrepreneur over the years has been dictated by that. Subscribe to this blog to read more about how you can achieve that success, as well. Always remember, “What Else is in the Details.”


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