Two Things I Learned on Tuesday - Parenting: What do you do as your kids get older?

As your kids are starting to get older and they’re moving on to that age in high school, they start doing more on their own and parties come into play, alcohol, drugs, etc.

It’s important that we try to keep our kids away from that stuff. But, how should you do it?

Here’s two things I told my kids as they were going through high school:

  1. You are responsible for the people you hang out with. When you’re with them and they do something wrong, you can’t say, “It was them, not me.” Their trouble is your trouble. 
  2. When their kids start going out to parties, a lot of parents will say, “If you need me to come pick you up, give me a call. No questions asked.” I don’t like that, so I never did it. Why? Because:
    A) It’s embarrassing for your kid to have to be picked up from a friend’s party
    B) your kid probably doesn’t want to get their friends in trouble.
    So, instead, give your kid the opportunity to call the local cab service. “Here’s an 800 number. If you ever have to use it, no questions asked.” This offers them some independence and when their friends ask, “Where are you going?” your kid can just say, “Another party, the cab is taking me there.”



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