Where's the Customer Service?

Good customer service is one of the most essential parts of running a business.

I’d like to think that I have reason to say that after my 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including working at the Hyatt Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland and the Hard Rock Café in New York City.

Last week I went down to Florida for some meetings and to speak at the National Speakers Association board meeting at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. And, yes, I was disappointed and concerned about the services I received during my travel.

The fact that people tolerate providing bad service makes me upset, but what bothers me so much more is that customers are so tolerant of bad service. They go to restaurants, hotels, car rental places, etc. and they pay for something that’s just awful!

I stayed at the Hilton in Fort Lauderdale. I had a crazy morning in the office, flew to Florida and had to deal with getting the wrong rental car (that’s a story for another day). When I arrived at 11:03pm to the hotel, I just wanted something to eat.

I went over to the restaurant in the hotel, where I saw tons of people and food still coming out of the kitchen. When I asked to be seated I was told the kitchen closes at 11pm and I would not be served. I called the manager over and got the same story. He told me I could order room service off their limited all-night menu.

I did that and after a 55-minute wait I finally got some fruit and a piece of carrot cake.

When room service finally brought me my food, I told the guy that I was going to give him the biggest tip of his life if he told management to get out of the food and beverage business! I said to him, “Go work for an employer that actually cares about the customer.”

At Steiner, we don’t have a customer service department. We are a customer service company. We believe that each staff member should be focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers.

So, I ask you, is your company focused on customer service? Does upper management realize how important it is to do what you say all the time because your customers matter most? That’s how you build customer loyalty!

And, what’s your level of tolerance for companies that waste your hard-earned dollars? How much do you put up with places that don’t deliver?

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