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I considered myself an entrepreneur at a young age. Starting from when I was 10-years-old, I always had some job, whether it was my Daily News paper route, handing out flyers for my mother’s salon under King’s Highway, or working at a bagel factory, I was always doing something.

When I wasn’t working or at school, I was playing some sport, so there was never any downtime, but I loved that. I enjoyed keeping busy because I believe that it is important to build up a strong work ethic at a young age. That is what will help lead to success later in life.

Recently, a young entrepreneur named Brenden contacted me. Brenden is 12 years old. Like I was back in my childhood, he’s a sports fanatic with an innovative mind. About two years ago, after losing a hockey game, he lined up to shake the winning team’s hand. The problem was that not everyone on the winning team was looking to do the same. This made Brenden feel worse than losing the game. Imagine what the other guys would have done if they had lost!

When I was young, my mother was always challenging me to think of unique ways to solve problems. Brenden’s grandmother did the same. She challenged him to find a way to promote good sportsmanship. He decided to create a bracelet that says, “Good Sports Rock” as his way of doing so.

With the help of his father, Brenden has set up a website (www.goodsportsrock.com) to sell his bracelets and has partnered with the Special Olympics Arizona, where a portion of each sale will be donated to the organization.

From what I have seen in my time as a Little League coach, to my work with Steiner Sports, Brenden’s push to promote good sportsmanship is both admirable and necessary. Anyone from kids to parents to professional athletes need to have better sportsmanship these days. That is why I invite you to check out Good Sports Rock.





Good Sports Rock
For more information about Good Sports Rock, visit www.goodsportsrock.com

Visit www.specialolympicsarizona.org for more information about the Special Olympics Arizona.


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