Sharing Your Success


It's one thing to have success and joy in your life. It's another thing to share it with the people you work with, especially after you've gone through typical ups and downs together.

I know so many great people who all have their good days and their bad days; their nail-biting wins and their heart-pounding losses. It’s like an elevator: one minute you feel like you’re on top of the world holding a championship trophy, but the next minute you’re at the bottom, falling behind in last place.

When you are successful on any team, whether you’re a captain or coming off the bench; a CEO or an entry-level employee; a parent or a child, it’s always important to keep your teammates top of mind. There will be days when you or a teammate scores the winning goal, secures a huge business win or gets an A on an exam, but then the next day, or even later that afternoon, your team gets blown out by 30 points, you lose one of your clients or you do poorly on an assignment.

The key to staying level-headed and being able to enjoy the successes you have despite the pitfalls that also come your way is to share your success with others because it doesn’t come easy. Think of your most important people when you have a great win and they will think of you in return.

The guy who always knew how to share his success and joy was Mark Messier. You already know that he is one of my favorite people and players. What’s great is that I can honestly say I was able to enjoy his historic ride here in New York with his friends and family. From his All-Star games, scoring milestones, last game he ever played, hanging his jersey to the rafters at MSG, his Hall of Fame induction, even his 50th birthday party- the guy was so generous. He always had a party set up for friends and teammates, hotel rooms and buses. Everything was perfect with his closest friends and family by his side. In a way this was his way of saying thanks, and at same time we always felt like we were a part of all of his successes.

In what ways do you share your success and personal joy?  Do you think of everyone who helped you when you have special moments to celebrate?

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