Do People Really Change?

I come from the school of thought where I always think people can change and that, maybe more specifically, I’m going to be the one to change them.

I am the one who is going to get this or that person to finally turn the corner.

But as Oprah says, when people tell you who they are, believe them.

Quick story:

There’s an Indian in the desert, and he runs into a rattlesnake.

The sun is going down; it’s getting dark and cold. The rattlesnake is dying; he can’t survive the cold desert night.

He begs the Indian: “Please wrap me around you, under your warm coat, to keep me warm and save my life.”

The Indian replies: “No way. You’ll bite me, and I’ll die.”

The snake says:  “Mankind  would not let me just die out here. Of course I won’t bite you - you’re saving my life.  Please, please, please wrap me around you and please keep me warm so I can make it through the night.”

This goes on and on for over an hour and finally the Indian relents.

The Indian wakes up early the next morning only to find that the snake has bitten him.

“After I saved your life, how could you do this to me?” he demands.

The snake says: ”Hey man. I am a rattlesnake. What did you expect?”

Do you waste time trying to change some people? Or do spend time trying to develop their strengths?

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