What’s Your “EA=RN Quotient”?

Another guest post on employment and careers, by marketing expert Laura Waage.

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What makes some people find consistent career success where others are met with ongoing struggle?

Is there a magic equation that enables some people to always garner a higher wage? Well it may not be magic, but there’s a definite equation.

I call it the “EA=RN Quotient”.

Your EA=RN Quotient determines your pay grade and level of accomplishment. The higher it is, the larger your earning capacity. But what exactly is the EA=RN Quotient?

To fully understand, let’s start by acknowledging the definition of an “expert”:

An expert is someone who is widely recognized as a reliable source of, or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly is accorded authority and status by their peers in a specific well-distinguished domain.

‘Expert’ and ‘Authority’ are the two key words. An expert is someone with knowledge and expertise. An authority is someone with influence in their peer group.

When you become an expert in your chosen niche, your level of expertise establishes you as an authority in your field. In other words, you become the go-to person people approach when they need advice or information on that topic.

Becoming an Expert with Authority is the catalyst to becoming Rich in your Niche. EA=RN

But how do you become that go-to person?

You don’t have to be a household name, like an Oprah or a Donald Trump, to become a recognized expert in your chosen field. You simply need to immerse yourself in learning everything you can about your craft, then share that information with others. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find yourself on a fast track to increasing your EA=RN Quotient.

Here Are 5 Ways To Start Increasing Your EA=RN Quotient Today:

1. Make a list of top resources in your field including blogs, forums, websites, trade publications, and relevant YouTube channels. Spend an hour a day immersing yourself in this content and increasing your education in your area of expertise.

2. Visit Amazon.com and make a list of the top books in your field. Make a commitment to read one new book per month. (Insider  Tip: Research has shown that reading before bed increases your retention rate >> http://www.good.is/posts/if-you-sleep-after-you-study-you-ll-remember-more)

3. Follow the social profiles of other experts in your field. Comment, interact, share and engage whenever possible. One of the best ways to gain authority is to associate yourself with those who already have it.

4. Post articles, helpful links and relevant videos to your social media profiles. Use these platforms to establish yourself as the go-to person for up-to-date information in your field.

5. Write your own content. This can include blog posts, articles, eBooks, guest posts for other sites, etc. Any content created by you will go a long way toward establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

Want to increase your earnings? Make a plan to implement the above strategies and start increasing your EA=RN Quotient today.

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