Teach Your Children

I always say I saw the light at an early age.

But it was the refrigerator light. (As many of you know, while I was growing up, things were not easy at home.)

The question for me (and many of you) now is:

How do we keep our kids "hungry"?

If you live in a nice house, and you drive a nice car, and you're able to take your kids to ballgames and concerts once in a while, it's pretty tough to convince them that there's a burning need for them to feel that hunger you may have grown up feeling.

And you can't spend all your time together lecturing them about how tough you had it and how easy they have it.

So maybe the goal for our kids shouldn't necessarily be to stay hungry, but to stay humble. And to be grateful.

Maybe the goal for them should be to be good sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters, and friends and neighbors. To be honest people, with integrity.

Perhaps, if your kids have their material needs provided for, their goal should be to pay it forward and to help others.

Maybe that's what they should be hungry for - not only to be successful, but to be helpful to others.


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