Have you ever had that experience when your partner was faking it !

As the days until Christmas tick down, the amount of stress people feel about getting through their holiday gift list often goes up. So can a brotha ask. How can I help you take this holiday season one step at a time? How can I help you ease the stress of not knowing what to get for your family members.

Have you ever had that experience when your partner was faking it. There are just some people that are so hard to get a gift for. My methodology is you give me a favorite team or player and I'll help you pick the perfect gift. One that they'll actually love. Email me here with some details

When it comes to a family member, or co-worker. Maybe It's that client you want to impress. I had a thought over the weekend and figured what better way to help you build those relationships with the people in your life, than with some amazing gifts this holiday. I made this list of some of my top 10 picks under $150 for this holiday season on CollecitbleXchange.


10. Andy Pettitte Signed MLB Baseball 

Price: $99.99 Take 25% off at checkout.



9. 2015-16 Syracuse University Mens Basketball Team Signed Basketball

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.


8. Alex Rodriguez Signed New York Yankees Pointing 8x10 Photo

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.

7. Lawrence Taylor Signed Sacking Randall Cunningham 8x10 Photo

Price: $99.99 Take 25% off at checkout.

6. Jake LaMotta Signed Vs. Sugar Ray Robinson 8x10 Photo

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.

5. Mike Piazza Signed Rawlings MLB Steiner Baseball

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.


4. Odell Beckham Jr. Signed One Handed Catch Vs Cowboys 16x20

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.


3. Patrick Ewing Signed New York Knicks Arms Raised 8x10 Photo

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.

2. Jerry Rice Signed NFL Duke Football

Price: $149.99 Take 25% off at checkout.


1. Mariano Rivera Signed MLB Baseball

Price: $104.99 Take 25% off at checkout.



These aren't all the items in the 25% OFF list. So let me know if you find any others under our CX Green Monday Sales. Let me know your favorite pieces on our site and if you'd like some extra help in getting some items under your tree before Christmas Click Here To Email Me your preferences. We'll help you get Stuff for the whole family. Just send us some names, Team preferences or simply give us a call and we'll get you all taken care of.

Let me know what you think about CollectibleXchange on instagram or twitter. 


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