Whatever Happened To...

Whatever happened to...

1. Employees getting to work before their boss and leaving afterwards?

2. Newly hired employees looking to do anything to help as many people as they can?

3. Salespeople calling a client just to say hello?

4. Sending a client a holiday gift that makes sense - instead of a gift you're sending the masses?

5. Employees that carry out their boss's instructions 100% – no exceptions or excuses?

6. The old handwritten note?

7. When asking for an increase in salary, asking for an increase in responsibility?

8. Holding the elevator door for someone?

9. Kids working part-time while going to school - regardless of whether they need the money. (Amazing how many kids come to apply for work at Steiner Sports that have no prior work experience whatsoever.)

10. A group of people going out for lunch or dinner and not looking at their phone every 5 minutes?

11. Kids obeying their parents and teachers.

12. People taking responsibility rather than blaming.

13. Employees working until the job is DONE.


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