Map Your Future

Don't forget to ask for help.

There is something to be said for "learning on the job," certainly.

But sometimes I look back on jobs I used to have and think, "I really had no idea what I was doing!"

When did it become so difficult for people to ask for advice and help?

If you were going to drive cross-country, would you hop in your car and just wing it?

Or would you first calculate how long each leg should take?

And where the best places to stop would be?

Where the best hotels are, and places to eat?

Would you come up with a budget for the trip, so you wouldn't risk running out of money on the road?

Would you figure out if you had friends and relatives you could visit along the way?

Of course you'd do most - if not all - of these things.

The person without a map and a plan is lost in their job - and in life.

Why not ask people who have traveled the roads before you? Who have done the job before you?

And get multiple takes on what you're in for?

So you can choose the best path for you.

Just because your future hasn't happened yet doesn't mean you can't map it out at all.

"Sink or swim" is a good start.

But once you're swimming - what are you going to swim to?


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