It's the Little Things

The little things don't mean a lot. The little things mean everything.

- Harvey Mackay

When I was in college in the late 70s/early 80s, it seemed like the only thing on ESPN was car racing.

We used to sit in our room watching these cars go around and around the track, and being Easy Coast guys, we never fully understood what was going on.

But I always thought, "These cars go around the track 500 times, and after all that, the red car beats the blue car by two seconds. What was the difference between them? It's nuts!"

Why did the red car win?

Did the driver get more sleep the night before? Were his tires better? Did the pit crew work better? Was the engine superior?

Was it a hundred little things rolled into one?

It's like in Major League Baseball this past season. The Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers each played 162 games and still ended up tied, and needed to square off in a one-game playoff to determine who went to the postseason.

If one of them had lost or won just one more game, they would not have been tied.

Derek Jeter likes to say that the difference between being a Hall of Famer and a .270 hitter is one hit a week.


There's a lesson here.

You spend so much time worrying about the "big things," but if you look after the little things, every day, they'll end up being more meaningful than any one "big thing."

So what are the little things in your life?

Is it writing thank you notes by hand? Is it asking people how their day was? Is it reading the paper every morning? Is it dressing a little sharper? Is it eating a little better?

Do you have what it takes to be the red car? To be the Hall of Fame hitter?

Do you take your little things seriously?

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