Forever Young

I love that quote because it also applies to being an entrepreneur.

If you start a business, or run a business, or manage part of a business, or any project, really, you have to keep your mind flexible, like a child's; you can't get stuck in any sort of thinking rut. There's so much you might be missing.

I work at this all the time.

After my son left for college a couple of years ago, I befriended the son of a neighbor. Alex was around ten. I took him to ballgames and athlete appearances and events whenever I could – to help me see the world through his eyes.

My wife used to laugh at me.

“You know,” she would say, “that’s not your son.”

But that’s my business. Finding the little kid in everybody. That way of looking at the world – with a sense of wonder and imagination.

When I go to a game, and a kid stops me, I always listen to what he has to say. Then I pitch him ideas. I tell him to email me if he thinks of anything I can use.

We have so much to learn about all areas of life from kids.

So my question to you is - When was the last time you employed a ten-year old consultant?

They can be just as enlightening as the "pros" and their rates are much much lower!


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