The Big Idea

It seems like nowadays, everyone is looking for THE BIG IDEA.

The ONE game-changer.

But the “funny” thing is that executing the big idea costs a lot more than they realize.

Not only in money, but in time.

And emotion.

And mental energy.

Ie, you need to be totally committed if you’re gonna get it off the ground.

You have to be willing to go to some dark places, if necessary.

You have to be willing to do some uncomfortable things, like whipping some people into shape – because no one can execute the big idea alone.

You have to be willing to be looked at like you’re crazy.

For instance – take the dirt we sell at Steiner Sports.

Years ago, I came up with the idea of selling real field dirt from Yankee Stadium so all fans could get a little taste of walking onto the field. We could put it in little canisters and attach it to photos. We could produce it cheaply, sell it at reasonable prices…it would be win-win across the board.

And it’s true, dirt has been a winner for us.


But guess what?

That "simple" idea was incredibly difficult to execute.

First I had to convince my company it would be worth it. Then we had to convince the Yankees, and MLB. Then we had to game plan the selling strategy. Then we had to buy all the equipment, and learn how to efficiently pack the dirt into the discs. Then we had to market it. We had to enlist authenticators, because who wants counterfeit dirt.

Of course, the whole time, friends and foes alike are looking at us like we’re totally crazy to sell dirt.

Needless to say, there were hundreds, if not thousands of steps involved. Some easy enough. Others incredibly difficult and taxing.

From the moment I had the light bulb idea of selling field dirt to the first dirt sale we made…I think it took no less than THREE YEARS!

This is why the term “Get rich quick scheme” is not positive, and not “Get rich quick plan.”

It’s because you can’t get rich quick. You can’t pull off the big idea in two seconds.

You have to pay to put it all into motion.

You pay with blood, sweat and tears. And not only your blood, sweat and tears.

So my question to you is not – Do you have an idea for the next big thing?

It’s: Are you willing to devote yourself to that thing?

Do you have the heart and the balls and the patience for it?

Most don’t.


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