Swallowing Your Pride - Tuesday Challenge

"Time to eat all your words, open your eyes, swallow your pride."

-Tears for Fears

As I've said before, pride can be dangerous, because it gets in the way of us admitting we made a mistake, or asking for help. In other words, pride can keep us from growing.

Is there any doubt that the gentlemen above would have benefited from swallowing their pride and "fessing up" a little sooner? All they did was delay their own forgiveness and ability to move on.

Are their any current issues in your life you could move on from by swallowing your pride?

Last Tuesday I challenged you not to multi-task.

Today I have another simple - but not easy - challenge:

Admit you're wrong about something to someone, or ask for someone's help on something you've been trying to do yourself.

I know it can be pretty uncomfortable, but you can't grow without a little discomfort. It's impossible.

Besides: I GUARANTEE you that you won't choke by swallowing your pride.

On the contrary - I think you'll feel very relieved for it. A lot lighter!

Let me know how you do with this challenge - I'll try to post the most compelling stories.


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