Tell Me Your Secrets

What's your secret?

The other day an employee of mine, Amanda, told me she was reading the book “The Secret.”

This is a very popular self-help book from 2006; there’s also a movie of the same name.

The bottom line of the book – the “secret” – is “The Law of Attraction.” That like attracts like. So if you think positively, and generally send positivity out into the world, positive things (success, happiness, etc.) will come back to you.

I’m not crazy about the book because it doesn’t talk enough about all of the compromise and sacrifice that goes into being truly happy and successful. It doesn’t address commitment. The book makes it all sound too easy.

But I do like the idea of a “secret.” Everyone has their own unique secret to their own unique success. Actually, most people have more than one, so let’s call it your “secret sauce.”

My secret sauce is my intensity and relentlessness mixed with my sideways thinking; I don’t think I see the world the way other people see it.

Amanda says her secret sauce is her ambition and drive. (“When I want something, I immediately get down to working on it.”) I think it’s also her organization.

Another employee says his secret sauce is his own sideways thinking, mixed with his sense of humor.

A doctor friends says his secret is “good hands, man.” “I can fix you,” he says. I love that.

What about you? What’s your secret sauce – the stuff in your DNA that makes you different?

And are you putting that sauce on your work?

Tell me what your secret sauce is in the comments section below, and I’ll repost the best ones later on!


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