(Really) Adding Friends

Adding friends on Facebook (or any other social network) is very easy.

But it amazes me how many people don't do anything with those friends.

But I'm not just picking on Facebook here. I'm using it to illustrate a point.

My friend Frank’s big line about business is: “The growth in business is all about talent acquisition. Finding and hiring the best people.”

I think that’s true with life, too.

Just because you have a lot of friends doesn’t mean you can’t look for more friends.

Our favorite sports teams are always on the lookout for new talent.

In fact, we expect our sports teams to do this - but we don’t do it in our lives!

I've talked about the benefits of going out to lunch with different people at work.

The same truth holds in life.

The more new people we meet, the more new relationships we develop, the more we grow.

But when many of us reach a certain age, we sort of stop trying to make new friends.

We don't stop trying to meet people, but we feel content not trying to really get to know them,

I'm not saying you should ditch any of your friends or associates.

But when was the last time you truly tried to get to know a new person?

Are you making friends - or just "adding friends"?


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