Get Busy

Most people think they want to get busier on non-busy days.

Maybe it's a restaurant on Mondays, or a department store right after the holidays.
They think, "How can we get more business on these ‘off-days’?"

But sometimes that's the wrong question.

See, it's a lot easier to get busier when you’re already busy.

That's what my mother taught me, from running her own beauty salon. Sometimes you're better off trying to make your already-busy days busier.

Saturdays were the busiest days at the salon, so my mother did everything she could to maximize them: ramped up staff, added inventory, expanded hours, whatever she could do. She got a lot less business during the week, but she worried less about changing that than getting the most out of those Saturdays.

When people call me to ask me for favors, they usually start out with: “I know you’re really busy, but…”

But that’s the thing! It's not an issue of how much free time I have. These people know I can get something done for them because I’m a busy man. Because I’m always moving and shaking.

You’d never call someone who always has time on their hands to ask for something important. Because you know that’s not someone who “gets things done.”

What about you? Are you spinning your wheels, trying to ignite your dead periods

Or are you doing everything humanly possible to wring the most out of your busy seasons?


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