Life Coaching Yourself

Sometimes it helps to look at an old problem in a brand new way.

For instance:

I am taking over a new business.

The business of my health.

I am shutting down the old business due to lackluster returns.

I just fired my receiving manager, who had been overlooking some of the garbage going into my mouth. Getting someone much tougher and “in charge” to run that area.

I’m also reducing the hours of operation for the whole receiving department. It can’t stay open that late anymore.

Also, I’m hiring a new comptroller – someone to set up and forecast calorie budgets. So that every day, it’s clear how many I’m allowed to take in and withdraw.

And a CEO – a Chief Exercise Officer, to make sure I don’t do any more light workouts. And to make sure I stretch more and swim more.

I also need a compliance officer, for the following: more salad; more fish; more organic foods; more juicing; less sugar; no fried food; no pizza; no ice cream. Every glass of wine will necessitate another hour on the treadmill. But working out won’t give me a pass to eat badly.

You can’t outwork bad nutrition.

When I feel myself slipping with my eating and working out, I am going to imagine all of these people taking me to task, as good business managers do.

It’s a little “creative” but sometimes we need to look at old issues with creative eyes.

I’m going to keep re-staffing until I get my health right.

What about you? What problem have you been dealing with for too long?

Maybe you need a compliance officer to keep you from facebooking too much at work. Maybe you need a CEO – a chief ex officer – to keep you from calling an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe you need a receiving manager to tackle a bad shopping habit. Maybe a CFO to make sure you have more fun with your kids.

Who do you need to fire and hire?

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