“Focus on what you have and you’ll have more. Focus on what you don’t have, and you’ll have less.”

Things that I’m grateful for:

  1. When someone says, “Yes, I can!” and then they come through.
  2. A great joke. A really sarcastic, solid joke.
  3. When someone foresees what I need without asking me, and just does it.
  4. Seeing someone fight through adversity with sheer tenacity. Relentless pursuit.
  5. When the underdog wins.
  6. When someone does something above and beyond what was expected. When the guy who comes to fix my boiler finds something else to fix and takes care of it – even though he didn’t “have to.” The extra mile.
  7. Getting to work and seeing that people have shown up early.
  8. When an employee almost runs me over on the way to their desk.
  9. When someone cuts me off by accident, but then waves to me and says sorry.
  10. When somebody comes in my office and admits they made a mistake – when it’s clear I never would have found out otherwise.
  11. When people lose with dignity. When a team loses and they show respect to the other team; they reach out to their opponents to say, “Good game.”
  12. When players sign autographs for free in an area of the stadium where the fans don’t usually get much attention.
  13. Seeing people who are highly motivated without being money-driven.
  14. When I’m able to give somebody something they never expected. When I send an autograph to a kid I met at the stadium. Or when I’m able to bring a player to a home to surprise the kids there. The looks on their faces.
  15. A great, inspirational quote. Like: “Focus on what you have and you’ll have more. Focus on what you don’t have, and you’ll have less.”

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