Red Light Green Light.

Remember that game Red Light, Green Light?

I think we could all stand to play it by ourselves a little:

STOP checking your email during the first hour after you wake up.

STOP taking your cell phone out on date nights (Friday and Saturday). Leave it at home and be in the moment with the people you’re with.

STOP feeling underpaid at work. Either leave the job or do something to make yourself more valuable.

STOP taking time off when you’re at work. All the chit-chatting and extra-long lunches add up to a lot of wasted time.

STOP going to meetings without googling and learning about the people you’re meeting with.

STOP talking so much.

STOP eating junk food.

* * *

START writing your goals down.

START “dating” your boss. (Show him or her how special you can be.)

START reading a book about physical growth.

START eating more whole, non-processed foods.

START catching up with your “I love you’s.”

START getting into work early one day a week.

START leaving work early one day a week.

START thinking about what winning really means to you.

START thinking about what it means to your boss and your spouse.

START dressing better.

START thanking people that made today a good day.

START listening more.

START taking responsibility for the energy you bring to your relationships.

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