Expert Advisors.

Another New Year’s resolution I plan to fulfill in 2013 is to learn more from the experts all around me.

For instance, I’ve always said that when possible, you should see your doctor’s doctor - instead of calling a friend to recommend a specialist, or an insurance company, you should start by asking your regular doctor whom she or he sees.

Who would know better?

This extends to all areas of our lives. If you want to be healthier, ask someone you know who’s very healthy what they eat, how they exercise. If you want to improve your wardrobe, ask someone whose style you admire to help you shop. Ask the friend who’s good with money what they invest in.

Ask your colleagues how you can improve your work.

And on and on.

We have mentors all around us, and we don’t take advantage of that enough.

We should change that in 2013.


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