Steve Carlton Signed Baseball Contest: Underrated.

Some things that are underrated:

  • Kissing
  • Every time you see your kids walk in the room
  • Homemade french fries - not frozen - cooked perfectly
  • Someone holding the door open for you
  • Coming home and finding your favorite meal cooked for you
  • A complete stranger doing something for you even though you’ll likely never see them again
  • Taking a few hours and doing absolutely nothing but thinking and relaxing
  • Going to a really good movie that takes you to another place for 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Going to the doctor for a check-up and finding nothing wrong; you’re in great health
  • Your kids telling you that something you had told them really stuck and helped them through a situation
  • The rain
  • A well-played little league game in which your kids had fun and the score didn’t matter that much
  • Going to see and spend time with your distant family when it’s not a major holiday
  • Getting a new gadget
  • Really good pizza. I mean pizza where you can’t wait to eat the second slice because the first is so good, the crust, sauce and cheese are all the best you remember having
  • Going to a game you’re really excited about and the game being neck-and-neck and going down to the wire
  • Hard work
  • Kids between the ages 9-11
  • Sitting in the bleachers with people who care about nothing more than the game in front of them
  • Arguing with one of those people - a complete stranger - about pitching
  • When your employee actually does exactly what you asked them to do and then says, “What Else?”
  • When a waiter listened to your special request and then brought you exactly what you asked for (eg: dressing on the side, steak cooked well-done, etc)
  • Staying home from school or work, chaneling Ferris Bueller, and acting completely foolish for a day
  • Going to the library (do kids even know what these are?)
  • Being able to use a pay phone on the street for just 25 cents
  • A parking meter that is easy - that you can just put a few quarters in and it covers you for a decent amount of time
  • A restaurant where you can just pull up and park and not need a valet or ten trips around the lot
  • Great, hot fresh bread when you sit down at the table
  • Buying a soft drink in a movie theater and it coming in a cup that’s a normal size, at a reasonable price
  • Positive thinking
What do you think is underrated? Leave your pick below; one person wiwin a Steve Carlton-signed baseball inscribed by the great southpaw with “Happy Holidays!”


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