The Definition of Commitment.

Last night I was honored to be given an award by Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. The people in the photo above are, from the reader’s left to right, Miguel A. Fuentes Jr., President and CEO of the hospital; me; and Rita DiMartino, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Steiner Sports is going to help the hospital outfit one of its wings with photos and collectibles of athletes who have come back from similar injuries as the patients in that wing.

To me, the doctors and nurses at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center are the definition of commitment.

They just want to help people - even more than they necessarily want to be doctors and nurses.

Just think about it: Here they all are, in the middle of the Bronx, working in one of the toughest hospitals in the country, but they all look totally dedicated, and eager, and glad they’re there.

Commitment is not always convenient.

You have to want to play baseball more than you want to be a baseball player.

You have to love the law more than you want to be a great lawyer.

You have to love writing more than you want to be a famous author.

That’s what commitment is all about - being more concerned for the thing you’re committed to than you are for yourself. That’s what I see in the men and women at Bronx-Lebanon.

Are you committed to things that way?

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