3 More Parenting Rules of Thumb.

Yesterday I talked about three basic rules of good parenting.

I want to share with you three more tips. These are not so much “how to treat your children,” as they are “what to teach your children”:

  1. Be a good and generous person to your friends, siblings and the rest of your family.

Of course you have to lead by example here.

  1. Do the best you can in school. Take school seriously.

Tell them: “As your parents, it’s our job to contribute to our family by going to work. Your job is school. You don’t have to be the best student. But you have to do your best in school. That’s your end of the bargain here.”

  1. Be grateful for what you have and pay it forward. Take some of what you’re blessed with, and share it with others.

(For example: Let your kids keep x amount of their birthday presents, and ask them to give away the rest to less fortunate kids. Teach them the joy of giving at an early age.)

If you can instill these values in your kids, the rest will (mostly) take care of itself.

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