We're All Gonna Be Okay

The election season is all full of doom and gloom. Everyone’s telling us how bad we’re doing. The Republicans are telling us things are just awful. The Democrats are saying, “We’re not doing well, but things are improving!”

At some point, you start to not feel so good.

So much for “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We forget that depressions and recessions have preceded some of this country’s greatest periods. The 30s were followed by the 40s, when this country won a World War, and became a superpower. The gas lines of the 70s went straight through the night to the “Morning in America” 80s. And the recession in the late 80s turned into the booming 90s.

Maybe a lot of us don’t have what we did ten years ago, and hope is a little low right now, but we don’t have to fear the future. We can create the future.

Isn’t that how so many people have created huge fortunes? By digging in deep in these tough times and hitting their stride when the country started to roll again?

This is the time to dive into things and take chances – while everyone else is sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to turn around, instead of grabbing the wheel.

Movies and other entertainment are too expensive right now. Maybe it’s time to start daydreaming more, then.

We’re all gonna be okay.

But we have to make it happen. We have to work at it.

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