Walk a Mile in their Shoes.

In You Gotta Have Balls, I explain that in order to be a good manager, you have to know from experience what it’s like to do the jobs of the people you’re managing. When I managed the Hard Rock Cafe, I didn’t work the grill that often, but I made sure to do it a few times. That way I knew what I could logically expect from the guys that did do the cooking.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been signing copies of YGHB and it’s made me realize that I didn’t personally know enough about the autograph and inscription process!

The thing about signing your autograph countless times in a row is that once you get into it, you can’t multi-task. You think it’s going to be a mindless process - just signing your name - but the reality is you can’t do anything else during that time. You’re signing things that are important to people, so you want to get each inscription perfect. You have to really concentrate.  If you don’t concentrate, you’ll screw up to the point where you don’t even spell your name right.

It’s work. It really does wear you out.

I’ve been selling autographed pieces for years, but I never appreciated how difficult the process is. This whole business has come full circle on me! It’s my punishment to sign all these books.

And I can see why our players get crazy about inscriptions. Because that takes it to another level of annoyance.

At Steiner, we obtain over a half a million autographs a year. Which means, apparently, that we’re in the business of driving athletes crazy.

Now I understand why, when some of these guys see me coming, they’re not exactly running to give me a hug.

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