Why Not?

I was in the airport the other day talking to a Yankees fan, and I asked him if he was a collector, or had ever bought a Steiner item as a gift for someone. He said no on both counts.

So, I asked him: “Why not?”

The man said that he was simply not that into material things, didn’t have a lot of stuff in his house. But when he thought about it, he realized that indeed, he had a few friends who did appreciate memorabilia, and for whom the right Steiner collectible would make a good gift.

Why not? That’s when the real conversation begins. Some people have a good answer, but most don’t; at the very least, the question gets them to think about the issue at hand in a more serious manner than they ever have before. It opens up their mind a bit, and that’s when you can get in there!

Why not? is a great, honest starting point in sales.

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