Episode #106: Michael Parrella

As an entrepreneur, Michael Parrella has scaled his own companies to 9 figures in sales and growing.

His ventures include iLoveKickboxing.com with 1000+ locations around the world; Parrella Consulting, the premier education company for the Martial Arts Industry; The Martial Arts Business Accelerator, and others.

Michael now teaches other entrepreneurs, franchises, and small business owners how to scale with modern marketing methods.


  • As a former employee and instructor from 2002/2003, I can honestly say, he’s a fraud and a cheat. Those numbers are rediculous for a gym to crack. For Crossfit to cross 4 billion in revenue, you had to have 12k locations. Do the math and research before posting such a clown.

    Anonymous on

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  • Michael Parrella is a fraud. Don’t believe anything he says.

    Michael Parrella on

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