Episode #074: Allan Maman

A special interview with Allan Maman, a 17-year-old serial entrepreneur. He is has been dubbed one of the reasons why fidget spinners became viral through his guerrilla tactics in running his social media/company. He founded the #1 brand and company behind the Fidget spinners known as Fidget360. This was all started with his High School’s 3d printer and he now has factories in China and Brooklyn that mass produce for him. He has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales along with being featured in CNBC, Forbes, Time, Teen Vogue, Mic, Inc and many more.

Allan has always been a young entrepreneur from the start. When he was in middle school, he resold items to his peers that he bought off of Alibaba. When he was 15 he developed many game servers for games such as “Minecraft” which generated him a 5 figure income. When he was 16 a forbes writer named him as a “Teen who is saving lives” through one of his apps Safe Ride. When he was 17 he build a few more companies and apps such as Nito, and now he is working full time on Fidget360 and new companies.


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